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Maurice Veronique – Joint Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

An accountant by profession with an entrepreneurial spirit, Maurice Veronique left a finance director’s job in 1988 to co-found The Appointment Group (TAG) in London with John Gianquitto. He now oversees the strategy and growth of the company’s offices…

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John G copy

John Gianquitto –  Joint Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Gianquitto cut his travel teeth with British Airways and Trinifold Travel in the early 1980s before he and Maurice Veronique founded The Appointment Group (TAG) in 1988. Though his job title reads joint-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, John has a hands-on role within the company…

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Glen Duckworth – Chief Operating Officer

Glen started his travel career working for the Trust House Forte Travel Division, based in Bond Street, London. In 1994 he decided to go it alone and set up ET Travel…

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Ian Patterson – Chief Operating Officer

Kent-born Ian Patterson started his travel career as a teenager in the airline business. By the time he joined Travel By Appointment in 1993…

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Nick Stone

Nick Stone – Chief Financial Officer

Nick is a Kent born but part Cape Town educated Chartered Accountant with nearly 20 years’ experience working as a Finance Director in various different industries….

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Lee Allen - TAG IT Director

Lee Allen – IT Director

Born in Manchester and educated in Lancashire, Lee moved south to ply his trade after leaving University. Following a technical career track, he began as a ‘Graduate Programmer’ at a subsidiary of British Airways creating travel automation systems for TMC organisations…

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Sam Robson – Group Events Director

Sam Robson has been entrenched in the events business for more than two decades, and has loved every minute. In 2012 The Appointment Group (TAG) acquired The Ultimate Event Company…

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Shane Barr – Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Shane Barr is Managing Director of The Appointment Group, (TAG) Asia Pacific responsible for the strategic vision and effective operations for TAG’s entire Asia Pacific operation…

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Byron Carr – Managing Director Global Touring

Byron Carr – Global Touring Director

Following a two-year tenure with Southampton-based Uniglobe Sterling Travel, Byron Carr joined The Appointment Group (TAG) in 1996…

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Gabrielle Carr – Managing Director, USA

Gabrielle Carr – Managing Director, USA

In 1999 Gabrielle Carr started her career with Stage & Screen Travel in her native Australia. Five years later she joined The Appointment Group (TAG)…

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Natalie W copy

Natalie Walsh – Group Global Services Director

Natalie joined The Appointment Group (TAG) in 2000 and quickly rose through the ranks to become General Manager. In January 2013 she was promoted from Operations Director to Global Services Director…

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Daniel Price – Global Corporate Managing Director

Daniel Price – Global Corporate Director

Daniel Price joined The Appointment Group as a travel consultant in 2004 having previously worked for BTI UK and Mike Burton Sports Travel…

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Caroline MC 2014 copy

Caroline McCann – Managing Director Global Touring UK

Diana Ross, Iron Maiden, The Bee Gees and Daft Punk were only a handful of the acts that relied on Caroline McCann’s travel expertise when she worked for Platinum Travel in the 1990s…

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Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson – Managing Director Manchester

Trevor Johnson started working in travel when he was just 18 years of age. His first position was within a modestly sized corporate agency called Manning Travel, where he serviced their insurance & financial clients.

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The Appointment Group Managing Director

Jodie Edwards-Locke – Managing Director – London

Jodie Edwards-Locke has been entrenched in the travel industry since leaving school. In 10 years, she has ascended from an apprenticeship scheme at Lunn Poly to become a senior Director at The Appointment Group…

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Shelley Brady – Managing Director Global Corporate UK

Shelley Brady started her career in the Travel Industry whilst completing a Travel and Tourism course at Carshalton College. In 2003, she joined the corporate travel team at The Appointment Group as a Travel Executive…

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Tika Vashakidze - Global Finance Director

Tika Vashakidze – Group Finance Director

Tika joined The Appointment Group in January 2015 as a UK Head of Finance, managing a team of 15. In January 2017 she was appointed as Group Finance Director.

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Anthony Jeynes

Anthony Jeynes – Group Operations Director UK

Anthony started working in the travel industry in 1997 and after 12 years with American Express, including a 5 year stint managing a team of over 30 agents in the South of France, returned to the UK to join The Appointment Group (TAG)…



Andy Hampshaw – Group Strategy Director

Andy Hampshaw started his career at 18 years old as a junior travel clerk selling package holidays in a High Street agency. Nowadays he is the Group Strategy Director for The Appointment Group (TAG)…

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