TAG Global Film and Media provides a fully comprehensive service going far beyond the normal range of Travel Agency services.  In addition to the standard flight, hotel and car hire facility, we will manage all your passport and entry visa requirements, advise on the latest medical situation in a country and any inoculations required.  Every element of ground transportation is covered from South American rail tickets to Japanese ferries.  There is no travel request we won’t take on.

Support services

The Appointment Group is a Global company operating 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  Outside of normal business hours, our dedicated in-house 24 Hour Service Team provide a mirror image service supporting our TAG Global Film & Media clients.  Our fully networked technology enables the 24 Hour Team to have instant access to all profiles and reservations, thus ensuring a consistent and seamless service is provided regardless of the time of day.

At TAG Global Film & Media we are extremely conscious of the importance of adhering to budgets, our bespoke software enables us to instantly report on every area of expenditure, be it past, present or future.  If required we can update an accountant on a daily basis of all elements of travel expenditure. We can alert and seek prior authorisation for any amendment to a travel budget.