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One of the most important aspects we deal with at TAG Global Sports is managing the meal requirements for teams when they are travelling to away fixtures and when they are staying in hotels.

These days the exact nutritional requirements and when a sportsperson eats is an exacting science. All top sporting teams employ an expert nutritionist who we liaise with to ensure airlines and hotels are providing the right type of food at exactly the right time of day.

When we charter private aircraft this is a fairly routine procedure as we liaise with the aircraft operator on what the meal must be.  However, we have to ensure that if just a snack is required, it is normally a chicken salad baguette, but strictly no butter or mayonnaise. Crisps, sweets and biscuits must not be on board the aircraft (even professional sportspeople lack willpower). Fresh fruit is offered but must be in moderation. If a hot meal is required it is almost always a chicken or fish pasta dish, but no cream or sauces with a high sugar content.

With beverages even on the shortest flight, all players must have two bottles of 500ml water in their seat pocket. This must be still water (under no circumstance can it be sparkling) and no sparkling water or carbonated drinks can be on-board. The players are allowed teas and coffees and even milk, but only sweeteners are allowed, strictly no cream or sugar.

As said this is easily arranged with charter flights, but becomes a logistical challenge when teams travel on scheduled flights. Where our team liaise very closely with the airline, special services teams ensure the catering goes to plan. With some airlines on short flights, the instruction is no food whatsoever and only bottled still water to be offered.

It’s not all doom, gloom and misery for the modern sports team, the instruction on the flight home is normally to ensure the bar is well stocked with beer!!

Next time we will reveal the hotel catering logistics, which make the airline catering a bit of a stroll in the park.



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