Governing Bodies and Associations

Our proactive and service focused approach ensures that we continually work to deliver the highest levels of professional and cost effective support.


We understand the intricate planning process for competition in major sports events and always look to work in advance by anticipating your needs and securing availability.  We also understand that sport is a dynamic changing business and operates outside of a nine to five mentality.  Our team of specialists are committed to delivering the highest levels of professional service supported by our in-house 24 Hour Team. We also consider potential pitfalls and emergency challenges that may be encountered. Working with our carefully appointed representation we will provide you with vital local support services.

International Offices

We are a Global Operator with offices in UK, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne and soon Asia. This additional Global presence allows us to provide the most competitive local rates plus additional ground support to your Sportsmen and Sportswomen.

Unbeatable Airfares and Hotel Rates

We will efficiently deliver and fulfil your unique needs for both groups and individual bespoke itineraries.  Incorporating our preferential  suppliers and service level agreements we will provide the most efficient and cost effective routings for your competitors and business travellers.

Supporters, Family and Friends

All competitors need the valuable support of family, friends and fans. We will work with you to provide a series of additional supporter tours which will both provide additional morale to your athletes but also potential revenue streams