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For over 25 years, The Appointment Group Global Touring has met the international travel management requirements of groups and individuals in the music and entertainment industries.

Our tour specialists are dedicated to serving clients around the clock from offices in London, Manchester, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.
As one of the industry-leading music tour management companies, our corporate travel service teams are uniquely equipped for the business logistics management of worldwide tours. TAG Global Touring expertly directs the specific travel needs of A-­List artists from TV and radio, rock and pop bands, dance troupes, theatre productions and sports teams.
We also have a specialist team to deal with the travel and touring requirements of the classical music business. Our classical tour management company has over 25 years of experience in managing the movement of orchestras, ensembles, opera companies, conductors and soloists around the world. As a global business travel management company, confidentiality, security, efficiency and precision are all of paramount importance to us. What’s more, TAG’s Global Touring teams are available 24/7.

TAG Global Touring Services

TAG Global Touring is a specialist music tour and production management company, servicing artists of all genres and sizes. In collaboration with tour and production managers, the team directs every element of the artists’ tour and travel itineraries.


TAG Global Touring App

The Appointment Group is proud of its continuous investment in leading corporate travel service technology. As a result, TAG has developed its latest technological travel technological: the TAG Global Touring App.


Classical Touring Services

TAG Global Touring is one of the leading travel and tour management companies for the classical music business.

We understand that moving orchestras, ensembles, opera companies, conductors and soloists requires a specialised travel and logistics management service – and we know exactly how to meet your needs.


TAG Global Touring Clients

TAG Global Touring works with the leading artists from the world of rock, pop, classical, opera, sports, dance, theatre, comedy, radio and television. We are the only truly global tour management company equipped to deal with any travel or logistical needs.



TAG Global Touring has selected the very best hotels from the world’s finest providers. We work closely with a network of venues and we pass the benefits of our relationships on to you.


Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your touring travel requirements or find out more about what the leading music tour management company can do for you, please get in touch.