Excellent technology underpins great business.

For 30 years, The Appointment Group (TAG) have been proud to embrace the latest developments in technology, enabling you to access the latest software, customised to your needs. After all, we are here to make your life easier.

As a result, we have created TAGTech, an in-house technology suite that includes all ten bespoke soft- ware solutions to enhance the travel experience for our clients.



Provides full management information reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis, with details of all client travel expenditure. TAGAnalytics enables you to monitor every aspect of your company’s travel expenditure to minimise cost whenever possible.


Flight disruption is one of the biggest inconveniences for corporate travellers, and often leaves you feeling dissatisfied. If your flight is delayed, TAG will contact you with the solutions you need to get back on track.


By providing pre-trip approval customised to your travel policy, we ensure decision makers can check passenger names, trip costs and travel policy compliance – for low and high-risk destinations alike.


Allows you to instantly track the exact location of all your company travellers anywhere in the world, including in the event of a emergency.


Is one of the most advanced quality control systems available, carrying out numerous customised quality checks, such as travel policies, essential passenger information, all traveller preferences, amongst many others.


Many airline systems will release seats without checking the waitlist status of the flight first. TAGmyWaitlist offers a solution by automatically checking availability on the waitlist flight and notifying us the moment a seat becomes available.


If your preferred seat is not available, just like TAGmyWaitlist, this tool will check the seat assignment on each flight and immediately alerts us when the preferred seat becomes available.


Our award-winning profile management system holds all global profiles, for both corporate clients and their individual travellers. TAGDesktop provides a central reporting system, processing multi-currency transactions for all air, hotel and ancillary services.


The app contains amongst its many features; travel itineraries for a tour including rooming lists, riders, accommodation vouchers and hotel information and budgets.


A complete toolkit for events of any size, our online event management solutions take care of your whole event from planning and registration to post-event analysis and reporting.