Excellent technology underpins great business.

The Appointment Group (TAG) partners with leading travel technology companies and invests heavily in developing in-house bespoke software solutions.

At the core of TAG’s technology infrastructure is the GTMC Innovation award winning software, TAG Desktop. TAG Desktop is our proprietary owned technology that offers all or our global staff a wide range of essential function such as; providing a database of our client’s information, from office locations to travel policies as well as comprehensive individual traveller information.

TAG is committed to providing an advanced IT infrastructure, granting our clients across the world access to the best software, specifically customised to their requirements.

Other travel technology systems include:


TAG Touring App

The Appointment Group (TAG) has always been proud of its continuous investment in leading travel technology, and developed a range of in-house bespoke software solutions to enhance the experience of TAG’s music industry clients.

As a result TAG developed its latest technological innovation, the TAG Global Touring App.  This is an iPad / Desktop / Laptop tool for Tour Managers, Production Managers and personnel alike.

The App contains amongst its many features; travel itineraries for a tour including rooming lists, riders, accommodation vouchers and hotel information and budgets.



Online Booking

The Appointment Group (TAG) understands the importance of an Online Booking Tool to further reduce travel management costs and enabling travellers to book themselves in a controlled environment which is compliant to the company travel policy.

TAG closely works alongside its clients to build their bespoke online booking solution, we have therefore acquired a wealth of experience in change management. TAG will assist its corporate clients from the conception, training, through to the full adoption of the software. In addition our solution can be fully compatible with an expense management tool that can significantly improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses.

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TAG Technology - computer and Iphone Ipad

Travel Authorisation

Stamp of Approval is end-to-end software solution automating the Travel Authorisation process. The system ensures that designated decision makers have the ability to check traveller names, cost for a trip and compliance to travel policy. The decision maker has all information at his/her fingertips avoiding the need to chase travellers and other stake holders for approvals and documents.

Approval emails will be automatically generated and sent via email. This allows approvals to be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

Upon reception of the email the designated individual can review the key information and either Approve or Decline the request, before being redirected to an online platform where a confirmation is required.

For security and company compliance purposes all decisions made have an audit trail available to all parties involved.

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Corporate event management services from London or Manchester using virtual reality

Traveller Tracking

eLocate Traveller Tracking has been designed for The Appointment Group (TAG) clients to have direct access to their own live air and hotel bookings. This unique online traveller tracking tool is a must-have for the hands-on travel coordinator.

Its special features include instant mapping of current and future travel. Data can be displayed in map, table or calendar format, within any chosen time frame and filtered search criteria. Reports will also include email and mobile contact details *.

The tool is quick and easy to navigate, allowing the user to report on and export data to Excel.  Additionally, eLocate informs the user to Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) alerts relevant to the client’s bookings.

eLocate can provide pre and post trip reporting for current and recently completed travel via an online portal. eLocate can be configured to conform to any corporate travel policy and compliance requirements.

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Class Checker

Class Checker monitors flights for any seat availability. Should a traveller be adamant about flying on a specific flight that is fully booked, Travel Executives can instruct the software to continually monitor availability until as a space is released.

The system will automatically check this flight every 15 minutes and will notify the Travel Executive as soon as a space becomes available. In turn the Travel Executive can then book this seat for our traveller.

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Management information

The Appointment Group can provide clients with full Management Information Reporting.  Our system provides a comprehensive range of Management Information reports detailing all areas of travel expenditure.  All reports can be generated by company, individual traveller, division and department cost centre.

We currently have a suite of over 50 reports available at your request (including Carbon Emission reporting) and can discuss creating bespoke reports for your needs and travel policy. Each quarter we send a specific set of Management Information reports along with a detailed summary, which includes comprehensive analysis of your travel spend patterns, as well as supporting data for any corporate schemes in place for airline/hotel/car hire etc.

Our reports can assist with lengthy tasks you may face as a company, such as insurance requirements and HRMC requests. These reports can assist with identifying travellers who do not comply with travel policy such as hotel caps or travel class.

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